Welcome to my "other" blog. I have another blog on my website -- http://www.suzannevenker.com/ -- but it's designed specifically for mothers.

This is a political blog. I'd call it a conservative blog -- most people probably will -- but that's not entirely accurate. Most conservative blogs include links to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, or Rush Limbaugh. Or they display Bible verses and support pro-life groups. I don't do any of this. It's not that I have a problem with any of the above -- I don't -- but none of these things get to the heart of who I am or what this blog is about.

This is a blog about truth...and politics...and the media. More specifically, it's about political correctness and its insidious effect on our nation. It's about how the voices of traditional Americans are squelched due the unprecedented amount of power that rests in the hands of modern liberals. It's about the difference between conservatism and liberalism: how the philosophies have changed over the decades, and what this means for you. It's about discovering who you really are -- or being supported for the person you already know you are.

Most importantly, it's about righting wrongs. And that's something we're all compelled to do.

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