Analyzing Ann Coulter

I've come to the conclusion that if you don't like Ann Coulter, you have no sense of humor. Which, I suspect, is why liberals hate her so much.

The other night Joy Behar sat in for Larry King and had Ann Coulter on. It was extremely entertaining. The exchange between the two reminded me of a friendship I once had with a woman who's exactly like Joy Behar: Jewish and proudly liberal. No doubt my old friend would liken me to Ann Coulter -- though it wouldn't be a fair comparison since I'm not as conservative as she is, nor am as acerbic or sharp-witted.

Which got me to thinking about Ann Coulter's personality. She gets a bad rap, for sure; but then she purposefully eggs it on so it's hard to feel sorry for her. The bottom line is that you gotta love anyone who talks in public the exact same way he or she talks in private. It's beautiful, and rare. The other night she and Behar were getting personal, sex and all; and Behar -- despite the steam pouring out of her ears -- couldn't help but laugh on occasion. Most of the time, though, she was fuming. Why liberals don't get that this is precisely the reaction Coulter's looking for is beyond me.

Their exchange exemplifies a typical exchange between any liberal and conservative. Consider this:

Behar: Do people hate you? I'd like to ask you that.

Coulter: No, not when I have 7 New York Times bestsellers. I'm very popular.

Behar: But you can't have everyone love you. Not everyone loves you, Ann.

Ann: You asked me if people hated me.

Behar: You said that because you sell books that means people love you.

Coulter: No, I said that indicates to me that they don't hate me -- which was the question.

And then there were exchanges that were downright funny. Like this one:

Behar: You're saying the media actually, literally want to have sex with Obama?

Coulter: Yes. (You can't see Coulter's face here, but it clearly suggests this is what she thinks but also doesn't expect you to take it at face value. She's being caustic.)

Behar. Okay, fine. (She gives up because she can't figure out whether Coulter believes this stuff or is simply goading her.) Have you ever dated a liberal?

Coutler: I tried, but I couldn't take the dinky little electric car.

My personal favorite was when they showed a clip of Coulter on The View, where she asks Walters to read a section from her book, but not in the way she had before, which sounded like she was reading Mien Kampf. Behar then asks Coulter whether that was a "sensitive" remark considering Walters is Jewish. That was priceless, and typical liberal BS. Yes, Behar, Coulter made the reference to Mein Kampf to insult Walters because she's Jewish. Gotta love those libs. Always looking out for the victims of hate speech.

Ann Coulter is a force for several reasons. One, she knows her shit. Two, she doesn't get flustered. Three, she's funny as hell. Liberals can't stand her for three reasons. One, they rarely know their shit. Two, they always get flustered (because they rarely know their shit). Three, they have no sense of humor.

I understand people not liking Coulter's personality. And if you don't think she's funny, okay. But I dare you to one-up her when it comes to the facts.

P.S. I'll gladly tip my hat to anyone who's funny and knowledgable, whether he's liberal or conservative. If you can find a liberal who fits this description, let me know.

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