How You Know You Have a Liberal on Your Hands

Several posts ago I wrote a blog entitled "Obama's New Secretary of Education," in which I write a mock letter to Arne Duncan, our new secretary of education. On occasion I'll post one of my blogs or articles (via cutting and pasting) for a website called Divine Caroline -- and the blog on Arne Duncan was one of the ones I submitted. It's an article in which I describe my teaching experiences and make some suggestions to our new secretary of education. Next thing I know a woman who doesn't like what I have to say reads almost every article I've written on Divine Caroline (all on different subjects) and proceeds to comment on them -- negatively -- which is certainly her perogative. But like a true liberal (which I suspected but only confirmed after reading some of her articles), her negative reviews are all based on assumptions or misrepresentation. Here's her review of my piece on education:

I don't disagree with what I believe to be the writer's general premise of the article which is the hire innovative, bright, enthusiastic teachers and administrators. However, the subtle racial and class references in this article disturb me greatly. Forty years ago our schools were just being desegragated. To say that the schools were functioning "just fine" prior to that begs the question "just fine for whom?". And laying to disentegration of the public schools at the feet of single-parent MINORITY families certainly distracts the reader from what I think the writer is trying to say. Unless, of course, that is exactly what the writer is trying to say. It's hard for this reader to actually know.

This is like the Joy Behar and Ann Coulter conversation I wrote about: Only a liberal can extract racism from something that suggests nothing of the sort. Nowhere in the article do I lay the disintegration of the public schools "at the feet of single-parent minority families." I said the lack of parental involvement is a direct result of the breakdown of the American family and the reality of single-parent households. I then go on the lay the disintegration of the public schools squarely in the lap of educators.

Then, in response to the sentence in which I write, "Forty years ago parents were notoriously absent from the educational scene and school functioned quite well" -- pointing out that the lack of parental involvement today isn't to blame for our failing schools -- the woman suggests I meant public schools were great when minorites weren't there!

That's the thing about modern liberals: They're so busy being offended and warding off anything that smells of racism, unfairness, poverty, exploitation, discrimination, victimization, alienation, and injustice that they can't think straight. Their minds get all flustered and their emotions take over -- and truth is nowhere to be found.

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