The Octuplet Mom and Why It's Our Business

The Octuplet Mom debacle is a great example of why the liberal value of "live and let live" is a disaster.

To a liberal, everything -- and I do mean everything -- is a matter of personal choice. To them, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. No one has the right to judge another person. Live and let live is the liberal Bible.

Okay. So it was one (albeit crazy) woman 's decision to have a boatload of babies without a father and without any money. This was her personal choice. Interestingly enough, however, 70% of Americans are upset with this woman; and it stands to reason that many of these people are liberals. So perhaps they could explain this to me: I thought people's personal choices were theirs to make? So what's the problem? If a woman wants to have a million children with no father and no money, that's her right as an American. Why are you judging her?

Which goes back to my earlier argument that liberals do judge. Everyone judges -- and they should. Making healthy value judgments is what makes a country great. Of COURSE it's a problem for this woman to make such a choice since WE are the ones who'll end up footing the bill. It's a perfect example of how people's personal choices affect all of us -- which is why judgment is necessary.

Same goes for all the liberal arguments: Abortion is a woman's choice and no one else's, they say. Well, yes and no. Allowing abortion across the board means everyone else foots the bill and has to be part of something they may not want to be -- so prolifers are screwed. Pro-choice people "win" under the guise of freedom. But it's not freedom to prolifers; they have no choice in the matter. See what I mean?

Same thing with day care. All mothers are entitled to work if they choose to and no one should judge them for their choice to do so. Okay, but who foots the bill for day care? The rest of America has to pay -- in more ways than one, since day care is a colossal failure for kids -- for their children's care. So not only do at-home moms bear the burden (not a good word, but it's the only way to make the point) of caring for their own children, their tax dollars go toward caring for the children of moms who opt out of doing the grunt work of child care. Moreover, most day care kids are a nightmare to be around; and the kids of at-home moms have to share space with these kids. Eventually they will date them and even marry them. Indeed, how children are raised is everyone's business.

Do you see a theme here yet?

5 Responses to “The Octuplet Mom and Why It's Our Business”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    i believe is a very important service that can be provided for via community effort. It should be a local issue. It is really in the best interest of society. Parents should be responsible to rear their own kids. but it's not the reality. For one, we should maintain the nature that innovation, and excellence should succeed mediocrity. It seems to me that liberals wish to excel mediocrity and damnate excellence. (it is more or less central to the human disease. on every front. Th liberal mind is the jealous criminal. they are the promiscuous husband/spouse.) I believe that excellent day care should and can be provided for. you need a loose guide line of rules to make it excellent, because it's simple. Often these simple things are obtrusified right from the start because, the liberal get's their foot in, and instead of science, they use 'wives tales', and the system becomes mythical failure. But it is important and beneficial to society to provide this service. The best way to me seems to be on a local level. The town can find the means to do it, which to me seems their would be volunteers. To volunteer at a community day care, that seems to be goin on the correct road. That's community. money and facilities would be needed and that's town government. I believe in state aid to poor inner cities. Problem with inner cities is they breed liberals and liberals have no place in raiseing children. Now we're getting to the more obvious moral opposition. why should a unemployed mother of 6 recieve more money in benifits that a working couple of meager means? you have these people reieving 3-5 times minimun full time wage, and they don't work. on top of that we want to give them free child care? well it is complex and there is an entrenchment of other issue. My solutiion is to put that mother in prison and take her kids and raise them by community centers. get the myths out of their heads, teach em, that's life, and provide the guidence for success. again we meet the ground issue. society has to embrace truth and excellence. 'This is the truth kid. Stick with it, and society will welcome you'. It's a simple law of nature, that society would progress and prosper and this is the goal we need to keep focused on. The opposition does not want excellence to succeed. They want legacy. They want to be paid for being evil greedy bastards. That's the conflict we see everyday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i want to follow up on one notion, it's of the most importantance to tell these inner city people.. hey you're parent are a societal disease that cause problem and provide NO solution. Instead, the liberal put themselves in charge and said, 'you are societies problem, nothing you do it your fault, go out and kill murder and rape.'

    IT is exactly what was intended. This uncivil society was intended by the direct desire of peowerful immoral people. It's a fact. It reciprocates in every part by the small liberal in their naive efforts and alliegiance. they are in allegiance, weither they know it or not, with the most sadistic and immoral of humanity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was reading how the academic americans believe Nazi's were chirstians and that fredrick neizche was the pioneer of true morality. Jesus being the most direct and prime source of evil in humanity. This is the liberal religion. IT's strong. IT can circumvent the country in hours. 12 years from now, there is no opposition. The children today are so evil, and the power the liberals have is so strong, we have a complete finalized state of the human being. YOu can not reason with these people. THey have no scrupples. they have poluted academia and dilluted the minds of 2 1/2 generations of americans. Pychology books now deem free thought honesty and integrity as clinical diseases. That's the nazi party reigning.

  4. Anonymous says:

    By the liberal, it is considered insane or ludicrous to consider the barbarity of humanity. Common sense says, it is insane and ludicrous not too. Do a poll, students from 12-23. The only lesson plan being taught in schools is that 'justice is futile'. That's the crimminals in charge. That's where it comes from. Every courpt person in power by default has this is the principal to stand on. That's where it eminates from. ANd it's design. I heard it echoes in academia that it's the wealthiest people who are the most moral and the societal pillars of civility. This is backwards. It's not the truth. They have faulted erroneous definitions. Moral to the them means, satiated, empowered, dominate. that's not the true definition. Justified is the true definition, humility, honesty, wisdom, that's morality. Those are the terms Einstein used. the school and the television were taken over purposefully at the same time, 60-70 years ago. The nazi's didn't win the war but they didn't give up either. The european monarchs still wish to maintain their societal elation and fight the natural world of truth. progress for the progressive? no. From their perspective it's so easy to see a progressive world. They don't want it. They want to be holy special selfish people. It's clear to them. These ideas come and go to the elite people. 'Hello rich guy, i have something to tell you, your greed is justified by spiritual and academic law. Shall we teach the masses this? indeed we shall.'

  5. Anonymous says:

    in short, steven spielberg and george lucas, do they believe God? or do they worship satan? I believe they believe they are the pillars of society. They are God. And that's writes the laws, legislation, curriculum, etc. Leonardo decaprio lisa lopez, those are the apostles of today. It is religious. THey have removed truth from science. The noble prize is a propagandist tool. Einstein said the quantum physics was the end of science, some lawyer said it is the completion of science. Now, gay genes are the mythical rhetoric that poses as science. It's the liberal agenda to discredit moral society. they lobby for these unscientific reports. you read the article and clearly state 'no indication' but idiots read the same article and they say science says so. they seem to fail to see the difference from wishful rhetoric and scientific method. they can't read. Unscience and human cloning is the only platform for which to win the noble prize. It's a tool. no longer a prestidge. It's a way to brainwash people into accepting their agenda as 'progress'.