Taxes 101

Here's an example of how liberal feelings can undermine logic:

The liberal argument regarding our current tax code is that the wealthiest people benefit the most when it comes to tax cuts. To a liberal, this feels unfair. After all, they say, it's middle-class or low-income families that need the tax cuts the most. Shouldn't they get more tax relief then?

This is an example of how liberals are guided by their feelings rather than their heads. Conservatives understand the inherent fairness of our tax system; they know the reason the wealthiest people in America get the most tax relief is because THEY PAY THE MOST TAXES!!!

Here's a simple tax lesson for those who need it: The wealthiest one percent of the American population pay 39% of all income taxes, and the top 20% pay 78% of all federal income taxes. On the other end of the spectrum, the bottom half of wage earners pay only 3% of all income taxes. In other words, Yes, upper-income folks benefit the most from tax cuts -- but that's because they carry the greatest share of the tax burden! If you put more out, you get more back. If you put less in, you get less back. This is wholeheartedly fair.

A liberal doesn't understand this. If the outcome is that one group has more of something than another group, he think it's unfair. It's like a child not understanding why his friend gets more candy than he does. There's a good reason behind it; but to a liberal, it just doesn't add up.

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