Lies and Deception

Below is a quote from Joseph Farah of World Net Daily. For the longest time I have had a problem using the term "liberal" (though I use it, for lack of a better word) because the term has changed so much over the years -- as my first blog posts explain -- and because people are sick of the term. As soon as people hear the cat fight going, they tune out. A better explanation of what has happened to people in America with respect to having fallen for a person such as Barack Obama is this statement from Farah:

"Liberals" are not the enemy. Liberals are mostly people who have been deceived – people who have been programmed to hand over control of their lives to elites. They were programmed to do that from the day they entered school. They got advanced degrees in handing over their liberty when they attended colleges and universities. In most cases, they are nice people who have simply been conditioned to accept control over their lives in exchange for what they perceive to be some measure of security.

Indeed, most people I know who are liberal are good, decent folks. They're not far left "loons," to borrow Bill O'Reilly's phrase. But that's what makes it even worse. These folks truly, honestly believe the junk they've been spoonfed their entire lives. Say something often enough, and it becomes true.

Only by debunking myths over and over again, only by explaining to Americans that they've been misled -- in offering them an alternative point of view -- does this country stand a chance.

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  1. dsextonj says:

    Indoctrination works. Teachers like Bill Ayers, the late Saul Alinsky (may Lucifer roast his soul), Mike Klonsky, and Ward Churchill are just a few of the many instructing your children on socialism. Even Obama taught Saul Alinsky in Chicago. You pay the schools for this. Wake up sheeple! This is why we voted Obama.