O'Reilly vs. Feminists

Okay, gotta love this...

On March 23 (I've been out of town, so I'm a little late on this one...), Bill O'Reilly is discussing single mothers with two women: Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley -- both of whom are conservative.

In addressing the now 40% of new mothers in this country who are not married -- many by choice -- and comparing this figure to 5% of single mothers in the 1960s -- all of whom were either widowed or divorced -- O'Reilly says pointedly, "Single motherhood drives poverty if you don't have a father supporting the family."

This is a fact. Not an opinion, a fact.

To which Ms. Hoover says, "Okay, now that's sexist."

Excuse me? This is a perfect example of how feminism has screwed up the thinking process of even conservative women. So O'Reilly says, "It's sexist because I just told the truth. You should be watching the kid anyway and there's got to be someone else giving [the mother] money besides the government."

After some hemming and hawing, Hoover concedes she'll "give him that." Translation: All right, it still sounds sexist to me, but I guess you're right: someone must take care of the child and someone must bring home the bacon.


But this is how far feminism has come: so far that we can't even say -- without getting accused of sexism -- that one parent must raise the children while the other provides the means to do so.


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