Why I Love Clint Eastwood

Over the weekend I saw Gran Turino on DVD, Clint Eastwood's film. Fantastic. Brilliant. Loved it.

Eastwood plays a crotchety older man -- in his 70s, but remarkably youthful looking and in great shape, save for the fact that gets a cancer-like ailment half-way through the film. He lives in a modest house in a not-so-great area of Detriot, and his neighbors are Asian.

Walt (that's Eastwood's name) had fought in the Korean War, and thus refers to his neighbors as gooks. He calls people a lot of names, actually; and because of this the movie is not PC. Naturally, it didn't win any awards.

It should have. The messages are excellent. As is often the case, you have to be able to look beyond political incorrectness to understand the depth of meaning behind a person's words and actions. It's people like Walt, people who have great wisdom and speak the truth -- whether or not the truth is popular or is conveyed in an appropriate manner -- who we should be listening to the most. Unfortunately, there are so few politically incorrect people out there.

Rent this film.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found a really messed up article on the movie (was going to post the link but somehow the copy/paste thing got messed up) on campusprogress.org
    I really enjoyed the movie and understood what it was saying, but this person just went all over the place connecting obscure things, ect. with a strong emphsis that they think Eastwood is being racist in saying so many mean things...

    The site itself has quite a massive amount of progressive content and a whole lot of conservative-bashing. It seems the site is pretty big/popular/well-known too.