A Conversation b/w a Liberal and a Conservative

Below is priceless blog by a man named Jeremy E. Sarber, a Baptist pastor from Indiana. Enjoy.

I try and avoid the inside of Starbucks and use the drive-thru almost exclusively. When I go inside I feel like a fish out of water. No one may ever refer to me as a southern boy again since I’ve been way too influenced by Hoosier culture over these last 16 years, but I have a southern boy’s spirit. Needless to say, the Starbucks atmosphere is a bit too trendy for any self-respecting southern boy. I’ll admit I do love their coffee though.

Today I stopped by for a cup and my bladder forced me to go inside. I ordered my drink, ran to the bathroom, and I fully expected to come out, grab my drink, and get out of there as quickly as possible. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to swallow my pride and order something called a grande latté (why can’t they just call it a medium coffee with a lot of milk?) but to mingle among the pompous business men and the new age college kids, even for a few minutes, is too much. I did it though.
When I came out of the bathroom, my drink was not quite ready. I sighed but waited patiently. Finally, it happened. A liberal, no doubt a Starbucks regular, spotted a conservative on his territory. He walked up, stood next to me, and asked the barista for a water. As we both waited, he began making small chat. We went through the generalities like where we’re from and what we do for a living. I told him I was a church pastor. His response took me back and I immediately knew what I was dealing with.

JEREMY: I pastor a church in Etna Green.

LIBERAL: You’re a pastor, huh? So, what is your stance on abortion?

JEREMY: (purposely looking at Liberal like he asked a stupid question) I believe it’s nothing short of murder and all participants should be punished as murderers.

LIBERAL: Everyone against abortion says that but what’s your reason for believing that?

JEREMY: Do you want the legal answer, the Bible answer, or the common sense answer?

LIBERAL: (looks at me strangely and laughs a little) The common sense one.

JEREMY: Abortion ends a life that would have been if left untampered with. Is that not murder?

LIBERAL: But its not even born yet.

JEREMY: But the child would have been born and lived like you and me if the abortion had not taken place. That’s ending a life that would have been.

BARISTA: Here’s your water and here’s your latté.

JEREMY: (to barista) Thank you. (to Liberal) Let me ask you something. Do you approve of the death penalty?

LIBERAL: Not really.

JEREMY: (shocked he allowed himself to be set up like that) So you disapprove of killing a known murderer but approve of killing a yet innocent child?


(pause for Liberal to collect his thoughts)

LIBERAL: Well, I think a woman has the constitutional right over her own body.

JEREMY: I do too. But I also believe the constitutional rights of life and liberty supercedes the right to convenience.

He grinned and nodded as if to say, “Well played, Conservative. Well played.” I smiled back and handed him my card. I went on to tell him that about my site and instructed him to visit tonight because I would surely be writing about this conversation. I’m really hoping he stops by to leave a comment. We’ll see.

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