Liberalism Hijacked the Democratic Party

While all liberals vote Democrat, not all Democrats are liberal. Indeed, liberalism has become an entity unto itself.

In fact, it's conservatives who are the true liberals. "The term liberal, in its Greek meaning, refers to the free man, as opposed to the slave," writes Dinesh D'Douza in Letter to a Young Conservative. A true liberal (aka "conservative") believes in economic freedom, political freedom, and freedom of speech and religion. True freedom means "limiting the power of government, thus increasing the scope for individual and private action."

The problem is that liberalism has morphed into something else altogether. It has taken decades to experience how insidious its effects can be, but we're seeing it today -- and it's tearing this country apart. Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress are not Democrats; they're liberals. These are two different things.

Indeed, America was not divided the way it is now when Kennedy and Carter were in office; the divide became progressively worse as the meaning of liberalism changed. You might say liberalism has become a bona fide disease.

If you vote Democrat today, it means one of two things: You're either a follower by nature, or you lack a moral compass (which means you were raised without God or religion).

The followers who vote Democrat aren't liberal. They vote this way b/c they truly, honestly believe it means they care about people, particularly the downtrodden. Ask these folks to get any more specific than that, ask them to explain how the policies of Democrats will help lift the plight of the poor or make things more equitable and they won't have an answer. They simply believe one thing: voting Democrat means they care.

The rest of the group who vote Democrat are folks who lack a moral compass. They truly are modern liberals -- and have nothing in common with traditional Democrats. Most of these folks can be found in one of three places: academia, Hollywood, and the mainstream media.

These Americans (if you can call them that) have an allegiance not to being Democrat but to modern liberalism -- which at its root means "there is no right and wrong, only what's best for you." These folks might otherwise be redeemable except for one thing: They live in a bubble.

Take the Polanski debacle, for example. In a recent WSJ article Terry Teachout writes that "the rush to support Roman Polanski shows how isolated the entertainment industry is from the rest of the world." Indeed, "Hollywood is a company town, a place where the powerful can go for months at a time without hearing anyone disagree with them about anything."

Same goes with the media and college professors. These folks all live in a bubble (hence the reality of media bias), one that bears no resemblance to the real world. The real world does not think like they do, yet it is they who have the microphone. It is they who hold the power.

So don't make the mistake of thinking all your friends who vote Democrat are necessarily liberal. They may think they are; but the truth is, they just don't know any better.

2 Responses to “Liberalism Hijacked the Democratic Party”:

  1. Debbie says:

    From one no-bull mom to another, "Wonderful post!" I do think my friends and family who vote Democrat truly think they are caring people and that they vote from the heart. The Democratic Party is what I think of as the "default party." One doesn't have to think to be a Democrat. One has to be a thinking person, a person with an awareness of the Constitution and the writings of our founding fathers, to be a conservative. Let's hope that thinking conservatives have GOOD candidates to vote for in the mid-term elections. Thanks for a great blog!