The Shriver Report Summary: A Bona Fide Culture War

Many Americans are under the impression that feminism isn't relevant anymore -- or if it is, it's only relevant to mothers or young women. Nothing could be further from the truth. The "women's rights movement" post 1960 is the single greatest fraud ever perpetuated on modern society -- and it affects all of us.

In Part 2 of my rebuttal I point out that feminists want the government to enact policies that allow parents to drop their children off somewhere all day, every day -- all throughout the year. This new world they forsee -- in which homes are essentially empty all day -- has a domino effect. As an example, The Shriver Report suggests doctors change their schedules so parents who both work can make it to the doctor outside of normal business hours.

"Most workers—men and women—now have family responsibilities they negotiate daily with their spouses, family members, bosses, colleagues, and employees. But it is still a rare doctor’s office that is open evenings or weekends," writes Podesta.

So now doctors can't have a life of their own b/c feminists want them available at all hours of the day.

Tammy Bruce, a self-described "gay, pro-choice, gun-owning, pro-death penalty, liberal, voted-for-Reagan classic feminist (I LOVE Tammy!), exposes the truth about modern feminism in her excellent book, The New Thought Police. As a former member of NOW (the National Organization of Women), she should know. (You gotta love the folks who quit their jobs after seeing the ins and outs of how certain organizations operate -- they're your best bet for acquiring truth.) In a chapter called "Not Now: The Selling Out of the Feminist Establishment," she writes this:

"Do not be mistaken: What Gloria Steinem, Molly Yard, Patricia Ireland, and all the rest have presented to you over the last 15 years (at least) has not been feminist theory."

Bruce writes in detail how the civil rights and feminist movements are no longer classic liberal organizations that support freedom of speech and personal liberty. "As the organized Left gained cultural power, it turned into a monster that found perpetual victimhood, combined with thought and speech control, the most convenient and efficient way to hold onto that power. The Left now wields more cultural and political power than the Right and has been abusing it at our expense."

The social change women like Shriver and the folks at the Center for American Progress want is cloaked in a respectable label known as "women's rights." Knowing that few people will stand publicly against "women's rights," which sounds so basic and good, assures them of power. They can wield it all day long -- and they have.

That's why everyday Americans must ban together to defeat the feminist movement and not be afraid to speak up out of fear that people will label you an oppressor. That's essentially what this blog is for: empowering men and women who may or may not lean left on various issues but still think America is a fair and noble country just the way it is.

If you don't stand up against these forces, America will cease to exist. I hate to sound fatalistic -- that is NOT my style at all -- but I do believe it has come to this. The good news is that with blogs like this, regular Americans have access to information they otherwise would not. As a result, people are armed with the tools they need to fight. And as Bill O"Reilly says in the opening paragraph of Culture Warrior, "At times you have to fight."

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