The State of the American Woman

This week Time’s cover story is titled “The State of the American Woman.” It includes a statistical look back from the 1970s to today with respect to women’s role in society. More importantly, it outlines the results of a new poll that studied the various changes that have occurred. “Among the most confounding changes of all,” writes Nancy Gibbs, “is the evidence, tracked by numerous surveys, that as women have gained more freedom, more education, and more power, they have become less happy.” The media elite may be flummoxed by these results, but I am not.

Today we are witnessing the results of a revolution that claimed to help women improve their lives, but in fact did just the opposite. “Among the most dramatic changes in the past generation is the detachment of marriage and motherhood; more men than women identified marriage as “very important to their happiness.” Women no longer view matrimony as a necessary station on the road to financial security or parenthood,” writes Gibbs.

This is a frightening conclusion, yet not many people will take on the feminist establishment.

Here are some stats in the article that I thought I'd share with you. The first and most aggravating one that if I hear one more time I'm going to scream is the idea that women have made gains in pay "but still lag behind men." "For every $1 men make, women earn 77 cents."

Newsflash to Time: There is a very good reason why women don't make what men make -- it's called sequencing: women move in and out of the workforce throughout the course of their lives to care for children and, sometimes, their own parents -- that has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination. The media make me so flippin angry about this one it gets me all hot and bothered -- b/c it's not just once or twice that they've reported this bogus stat. It's constant. All the time. And no one has the courage (or knowledge) to correct them.

There's a bunch more. Like the number of "female Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet members, Avon executives, governors, FNI agents, and Ivy League presidents" was "ZERO" in 1971 and has grown ever so slightly since then. Well, DUH. Does this really require an explanation?

Beginning on Monday, I will be taking apart a report that was done by Maria Shriver in conjunction with this cover story. The material is vast, so I need to focus on it piecemeal. Come back Monday.

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