Sarah Palin Revealed -- Part 2

Assuming you caught any one of the recent, more friendly interviews with Sarah Palin last week, you may have noticed a different woman. That's because she's now "having that coffee" I talked about in yesterday's post. Sitting down and having a conversation with someone is far more enlightening than trying to figure her out in a five-minute segment while she's being talked down to by the media elite who think she's a fool.

Remember: I'm not arguing for or against Sarah Palin as a politician. I'm still making up my mind on that one, as there's no question she'll be running for some sort of office eventually. I'm simply pointing out the insane amount of attacks this women has endured. If I were a liberal, I would think twice about my party affiliation after witnessing the Sarah Palin fiasco.

Here's what you can be sure of, though: The more attention a person commands, whether the attention is positive or negative, the more the person has something going for her. If a person were a complete joke, no one would pay her any attention. Sarah Palin is so appealing that her appearance on Oprah and Hannity caused an enormous boost in their ratings.

My personal take on Palin is that she's purposefully (and, who knows, perhaps wisely) presenting herself as just a regular person. In this way the media elite can hammer her b/c she's not from the Beltway and she didn't graduate from an elite school. But Palin's banking on the fact that most Americans are not elitist and would rather have a regular Joe (or Joanne) in office.

Liberals also get their backs up over the fact that Palin "talks funny." Well, Jimmy Carter talks funny, too. So does George W. Bush. It is precisely -- in my opinion -- because Sarah Palin is a regular person like you and me that people are warming up to her. Looking at Palin alongside Obama -- an Ivy Leaguer who talks beautifully but is nevertheless a disaster -- makes Palin that much more appealing. Indeed, as Obama's ratings are going down, hers are going up. Add that fact to the right political philosophy (assuming you agree with it), and I believe Palin can only go up from there.

Sarah Palin still has a lot to learn, but she has plenty of time. And if she surrounds herself with the right people, she'll make it eventually.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin Revealed -- Part 2”:

  1. Terro says:

    I saw only the Sean Hannity interview, and my impression was that Sarah Palin seemed well caffeinated: although relaxed in demeanor, she frequently spoke a little too quickly, in a tumble of words.

    On the other hand, the few interviews I've seen of Barack Obama were irritatingly slow moving as he paused, pondered and lumbered around the questions. When I was in the Ivy League, we did call that talent "b-essing." Palin is different in that she actually answers most of the questions put to her. No wonder for-real people like her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing. Sarah Palin suffering more attacks from the left-leaning media than Obama? Was there a gorilla photo made of her that came up as the number one result on a Google search of Michelle Obama? Was her failed VP campaign celebrated as a welcome failure for America? Have there been racist emails about her disseminated throughout political circles? Is her life in constant danger to the extent that the Secret Service admits that it tracks more death threats to her life than for any other VP candidate in history? I could go on...

    So Palin's been called a c--t, a dumbass, and a hypocrite. Tasteless, to be sure, but I doubt she'd be carrying her baby around to every public appearance if she really feared for her life as Obama should fear for his.