Why Men and Women -- Men Especially -- Won't Speak Out Against Modern Feminism

Below are examples of comments people have made about posts or articles I've written that expose modern feminism for what it is. This type of reaction is precisely the reason everyday men and women do not speak out against feminism. Problem is, that just gives feminists more power.

anonymous said...(This is from the blog on my website -- not No Bull Mom.)

your words make me ill. really, really ill. gross. how could you dismiss women's desire to not be dependent on men? you are an embarrassment to women. i can't believe that someone would say such things. what on earth is wrong with you? so women SHOULD be dependent on men? and NOT love themselves? based on my life experience, and all my amassed world knowledge, that is a recipe for depression and abusive relationships. i am still in shock about your words. your words are extremely dangerous to women! i urge you, with all my heart, to re-examine.

Kristi says...(in response to an article I wrote about an article a man from Forbes wrote about "career women.")

Perhaps my almost 21 year marriage is just an exception to this rule. Perhaps we've just "worked harder" at being married. Perhaps we're just exceptional at balancing it all. Perhaps we're just a statistical anomoly. Perhaps my husband has no idea how much money I earn. I don't know. I will tell you what I see dragging marriages into the ditch in my community is women refusing to work and help contribute to a lifestyle to which they feel entitled while still expecting their husbands to take on household and childcare duties so they can have a day at the spa or weekend away with friends to destress from their horribly taxing country club lives. I have no idea if men in general prefer non-career women. I can tell you from personal experience that the stress of carrying to full financial load can and does lead to resentment, marital discord and divorce. I'll take my career-loving husband any day of the week over a man who doesn't prefer who woman who can take care of herself.

2 Responses to “Why Men and Women -- Men Especially -- Won't Speak Out Against Modern Feminism”:

  1. Joanne says:

    It is rare to find a woman or man willing to have this disscusion. I can understand why most men stay away from it, who needs to be yelled at more? The men I can't understand are the ones that embrace it. I caught up with an old high school friend recently and he mentioned taking women's issues courses in college like I was to be impressed, I thought it was the worst thing he ever did.

    I will have to admit, I do meet women like the ones described in the last comment of the article, women that don't work, have housekeepers etc. But that is the life that the couple agreed on. As easy as it is to envy, if it works for them so be it.

  2. I have to admit, that's a first for me. (Hearing about a man who took women's studies in college.) He wasted his money big time on that one.