Beautiful, Likeable, and Conservative

Make no mistake: The MOST intimidating factor about Sarah Palin (for the women on the left who swear she's an insignificant buffoon, yet at the same time can't stop talking about her) is her appearance, likeability, and working mom persona. In the question and answer section of this week's Parade magazine, someone writes in with the following question: "Why has Dennis Miller changed from hip, cool, and funny to being politically conservative?"

This is extremely telling. The idea that a conservative can be all these things -- hip, cool, and funny -- is completely lost on the American left. The former image of conservatives as stodgy, uptight, inflexible, and judgmental has officially ended with the introduction of Sarah Palin. What Palin proves is that Yes, you can be highly principled and stand for what is right -- and still be completely likeable.

What a fascinating concept.

2 Responses to “Beautiful, Likeable, and Conservative”:

  1. shevrae says:

    When I saw the picture you posted for the first time I thought to myself, "That's why the left hates her - she's so pretty."

    Fair assessment? Maybe not. But as I hear snippets of her book (my husband keeps reading me excerpts as he goes through it - then I can read it start to finish) I just keep thinking how much the left would love her story if it included a commitment to leftist principles. They would be saying, "Look, here's a beautiful, accomplished Mom who just wants everyone to have a fair shot." Fair shot being defined as taking lots of money from everyone and using government beauracracy to redistribute it "fairly" while cutting a good 40% off the top to support the beauracracy.

    Instead, she shows that you can work hard and accomplish a lot based on determination alone. And if there's anything the left hates, it's a self-made man (or in this case, woman). They're not beholden to anyone and you can't demand political favors from them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm so tired of the old Conservative meme that lefties don't like Sarah because she's "threateningly beautiful." But Conservatives put her on a pedestal because she's beautiful. At the end of the day, does her beauty really matter so much? Let's admit she's gorgeous and move on! PLEASE, Conservatives...find another argument that isn't so cyclical it defies justification!