What's So Great about Conservative Women

Hands down, the greatest thing about conservative women is that THEY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. You can think whatever you want, and they'll still like you. They have no investment in your agreeing with them because they know they're right. I love that.

Opposing Views posted my blog from yesterday -- in which I share my inability to relate to Sarah Palin's evangelical ways -- and the responses are angry. I'm always getting people upset over there; I think liberals depend on that site to get their anger out. But you'd think they would be happy I said something on the negative side about Palin. Instead, I get hit with stuff like this:

Suzanne,you're neutral towards religion ,but you give your kids a Catholic " education "? Poor kids! What's not to like about your preferred religion? Witch-burnings,inquisitions,Crusades, pedo-priest cover-ups,child indoctrination.It's OVER Suzanne!

You can always tell a conservative from a liberal by the way they respond to something. A liberal responds with emotion; a conservative responds with reason, intellect, and respect.

1 Response to “What's So Great about Conservative Women”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    So funny you say so, Suzanne. I'm a liberal who wrote an editorial in support of our president, and boy! "Good Conservatives" came out of the woodwork with their responses! What I most appreciated was the "you wouldn't ever shop at a store that wished patrons a Merry Christmas, would you, Muslim?" Huh? I'm a Christian, just like President Obama. So...I guess there are unkind people on both sides of the political aisle. The challenge is not to alienate people who don't share your political views because of the lower class responses we receive. Keep your chin up and a charitable heart...toward everyone.

    And Merry Christmas.