The American College Experience

Here are some more tidbits you should know about the experiences of today's colleges kids (from Indoctrinate U. on the Discovery channel):

From one student..."They (the professors) talk about the evil oil companies throwing toxic waste into the ocean."

Students are taught that there are two Thanksgiving celebrations: one in April (a Hispanic and Mexican Thanksgiving) and one in November. In one of the texts used on campus, We Live Together, it says the "first" Thanksgiving was about a lack of water. And information about the Pilgrims comprise a mere 3 pages of text.

"None of the things that have been done in the name of multiculturalism have been shown to have any effect whatsoever," says Coyle, narrarator of the documentary.

David Conlon of the U. of South Carolina wrote about the absurdity of the "Bias and Sensitivity Review" that has its own board. Professors are forced to teach students, for example, that Native Americans (aka Indians, though we can't use this term anymore) were not savages but "peacemakers." The textbooks are severely critical of America overall and only show the ugly side of history.

Feminist bias is alive and well, too. For example, textbooks are not allowed to show a woman cooking. That's considered biased b/c women aren't supposed to cook anymore. However, it's okay to show women operating heavy machinery. Words like waiter and waitress have been eradicated; in its place is "waitron."

Some colleges are deciding whether or not Columbus deserves a holiday.

And in Alameda County, CA, one school spent gobs of time and money counteracting the supposed discrimination of gays and lesbians. Superintendent Margie Sheratt says, "Alameda County is answering appropriately to anecdotal knowledge that LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual transgender) harrassment does occur in our schools."

Yet there is no such evidence for this claim. According to the FBI, out of 140,000 schools from kindergarten-college there were 135 bias incidents based on sexual orientation in 2007, and no data whatsoever evidencing bias in K-5. Yet bullying laws have been put into place and the inference is that kids with traditional values are the ones considered bullies.

Karen Healy of Oakland Park, IL, says her textbooks are slanted toward Muslims -- despite the fact that less than one percent of the population are Muslims. And Gilbert Sewall says his Prentice Hall textbook fails to mention that the terrorists of 9/11 were Muslim radicals.

Writes Diane Ravitch, author of The Language Police, "Multiculturalism has become a regime of censorship, affecting textbooks and testing. There are multicultural advising committees with people who are trained to see bias when no one else can see it."

Bottom Line: Many of our college and universities are nothing more than indoctrination centers -- and many parents aren't even aware of it.

TOMORROW: Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Her Profession.

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