The Harry Reid Lesson

From this morning's Daily Caller:

"You can bet that one of the first calls Harry Reid made after his “Negro dialect” comments surfaced was to Al Sharpton. Who knows what sort of deal the two worked out, but Sharpton quickly came to Reid’s aid, dismissing the majority leader’s gaffe as a minor blemish on an otherwise pristine record of support for civil rights."

The lesson about race in America is this: As long as you tow the Democratic line and spend your political career paying lip service to the idea that blacks are victims, nothing you say will be held against you. Go ahead and make a politically incorrect statement -- even Al Sharpton will come to your defense.

For the best rebuttal to this debacle, google "Harry Reid's Race Problem" (written by Ward Connerly). I tried to link it, but it wouldn't let me. It's worth the extra step -- great article on this issue.

3 Responses to “The Harry Reid Lesson”:

  1. shevrae says:

    Yeah, it's fascinating to me that if you're a Democrat (or a liberal) and you make a comment like that, it's viewed as an unfortunate slip of the tongue that of course you didn't really mean. But if you're a Republican (or a conservative), it's viewed as a sign of the deep-seated, hidden racial animosity you won't admit.

  2. My deep-seated, hidden racial animosity has always called a spade a spade. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,talks like a duck....

    When did people become so thined skined?

    Richard Prior used the N word with every breath, and the world thought it was funny.But no white person could do it. Seems some people of color keep the war of race going on purpose. To bad. Even some of my black friends agree with me.

    See Ya

  3. Interesting choice of words. Just today I thought of a new book I'd like to write -- I'd title it Thin-Skinned Nation.