Oprah Touts Europe (and, Naturally, Leaves Out Important Details)

On the heels of my review last week of Committed -- Elizabeth Gilbert's very political sequel to Eat, Pray, Love -- came an Oprah program in which Oprah travels abroad to compare countries to one another -- and, in particular, to America. One of the places she traveled was Denmark -- where, apparently, on the "world map of happiness"—a map created by a social psychologist in England -- Danes rank number one.

So what makes the Danes so happy? According to one resident who spoke with Oprah, here are some of the reasons:

1) In Copenhagen, people are very environmentally conscious. A third of the population rides bikes around the city, many with grocery bags or small children in tow. (Well, that sounds like a lovely life; but what Oprah doesn't tell you is the reason for this: Their refrigerators will only hold a small amount of food, thus forcing people to shop for their meals on a DAILY basis.)

2) Homelessness, poverty and unemployment are extremely rare. If you lose your job, the government continues to pay up to 90 percent of your salary for four years. And not to worry…health care is free for everyone. (Nothing is ever free in life. Denmark's government stockpiles that money b/c it TAKES 60% -- 60%! -- of people's income.)

3) Women in Denmark typically get six to 12 months in paid maternity leave. And, when it's time to go to college, citizens get paid to go the universities. (Again, more taxes...)

4) Finally, women in Denmark don't feel pressure to get married. Many people have children first -- then either marry, or don't. (That's nice for the kids, isn't it?)

It's little wonder Sweden and Denmark are a liberal's dream. To a liberal, the American way of life is substandard -- which begs the question, Why live here? If Canada and Europe are so enticing, then move. Don't stay here and enjoy the benefits of this country and then trash it. When one woman Oprah interviewed asked Oprah why this country doesn't want to take care of its citizens (via universal health care), Oprah's response was typical: "Uh, I don't know...You'd have to ask someone else that question."

Earth to Oprah and her cohorts in the media: Comparing Denmark to America is like comparing apples to oranges. Apples and oranges are both fruit, just as Denmark and America are both countries -- but that's where the similarities end. Denmark's population is 5.5 million! Five and half million! California alone is 36 million. Hello? Why do you think Mom and Pop stores can't compete with Home Depot? Size usually determines success or failure; we call that supply and demand.

And though Oprah did address Denmark's taxes, she left out all the problems that go along with a socialist country: bureaucracy, loss of freedom, long waits in line, and lack of quality education/health care. (Just b/c everyone HAS health care doesn't mean it's good health care).

And then there's the sex. America is labeled by liberals as prudish compared to places like Denmark, where marriage is optional and promiscuity is encouraged. Sounds nice, huh? Did you know that sex with animals is LEGAL in Denmark and Sweden? Indeed, the animal sex business, along with promiscuity, is thriving in Europe. And take a look at this sad state of affairs below:

Denmark: The Land Of Consequence-Free Sex!
10:52 am

More mixed signals from the wild world of Danish advertising. First came this highly questionable campaign to combat violence against women. Now comes a video showing “Karen,” an attractive young mother who’s looking for the father of her child, the product of a one-night stand. She’s not obsessed, a bimbo, or looking to assign blame. She simply wants to alert the baby daddy—whomever he may be—that their child “exists.”

Nice place to live, that Denmark.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The quality of life in Denmark is very high. It's also high in almost every developed nation. Here's the thing: all developed nations offer universal health care to their citizens, except for the U.S. Don't you want that for yourself and fellow citizens? I think it would be an interesting experiment for you to travel to another country and see for yourself the standard of living that others enjoy. The great citizens of your country deserve access to universal health care. Oh ya, many people have big fridges in Denmark.