Right Pundits

Dear Readers,

I have begun writing/blogging for the website Right Pundits. I'm thinking it might be a tall order to blog about politics twice a day on two different sites. Thus, I'm going to utilize No Bull Mom in a different way.

Those of you who wish to continue reading my political blogs: You can EITHER bookmark the link above to Right Pundits and check their site every day (look for the blog that says "By Suzanne" underneath the title. It's not a complicated site, but there are tons of ads and other distracting elements. Just stay focused on the center rectangles with the white background, and I'm easy to find) or just continue to come to No Bull Mom. I will make a link for each post I write.

I also plan to continue blogging on No Bull Mom, but the topic won't necessarily be politics. The topics will cover the gamut -- basically whatever comes to my mind on any given day -- and I may not blog as faithfully as I have been. On the other hand, I might. The truth is, I just don't know right now -- so keep checking to find out! Bottom line is, I'm not deserting this site just b/c I'm writing for Right Pundits. It's just changing course...

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