Assessing CPAC

After some deliberation, I’m not sure I’m CPAC material. In addition to the sheer size of the whole thing – too much for my liking – I don’t think I’m conservative enough. I’m just not a rah rah kind of conservative. I love the seminars where I learn things I would otherwise not know about, but I just don’t have a groupthink mentality at all – even if I largely agree with the group. I think it’s a personality thing. I feel strongly about politics, but I don’t feel the passion these folks do in terms of banning together, passing out pamphlets, etc. It’s not my way.

The best contribution I can make is via my writing, which I why I'm enjoying “reporting” on the information for you all -- and for Right Pundits and Newsreal. Oh, and I have met some nice people. Jim from Denver’s been helping me straighten out some computer issues, which is nice. And tonight I’m having dinner tonight with Jane, my Phili friend, who’s friends with my college friend who lives in Massachusetts. The Internet’s so cool!

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