But Islam Is Such a Lovely Religion!

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2 Responses to “But Islam Is Such a Lovely Religion!”:

  1. Miss Suzanne,

    I am loving the reactions this one is getting at Right Pundits!

    I will say, however, that aside from me being a Christian and essentially believing Jesus is all that and a bag of Oreos, it must be difficult to be a Muslim in today's world because the assumption is ALWAYS that you are gonna blow something up or kill someone or etc. Not that I have any love for this false religion, no. But it must be so frustrating to follow Islam knowing people automatically hate you for it.

    Just an observation, not a sermon.

    Love your stuff at Right Pundits! Stay true.

  2. This is not an enviable position, I agree -- although these folks should be banning together to speak up for themselves and denounce the stuff I'm talking about. Where are these people?