Here is the top ten list of cities that do way too much drinking according to Men’s Health Magazine:

1. Fresno, California
2. Reno, Nevada
3. Billings, Montana
4. Riverside, California
5. Austin, Texas
6. St. Louis, Missouri
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Lubbock, Texas
9. Tucson, Arizona
10. Bakersfield, California

Hhm, I live in St. Louis. Last night my husband and I had a small party and I must admit, everyone went home having tied one on. I think this is because most of our friends are Catholic.

As my mother used to say, "Catholics love to drink and smoke b/c they're not allowed to do anything else."

Tee hee. But then how would that explain my imbibing?

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  1. Would work for me.

    See Ya

  2. Dear Suzanne, despite your continued denial, you have 50% "catholic blood" which is why you gravitate toward catholics in so many ways. Also that percentage may actually be more like 70% because your mom was raised catholic. And in catholic eyes, once you are baptized catholic you are always catholic (I am refering to your mom here). I think your mom raised you with catholic values and you have just a pinch of Presbyterian from your Dad. While you weren't officially raised catholic, it seems to me you have kept many of the values you like and threw out the ones you don't. That is a good thing. For instance, your internal guilt factor has a much smaller impact on you than mine has on me (a full 100%+++++ catholic). And yes when you can't do anything else there is drinking and smoking. How do you think the good priests survive?

  3. Oh one more thing. St. Louis seems to show up a lot on the top Ten lists. And usually on the not so good top ten lists. I guess we are easy prey for the East and West Coast media. It is a convenient way to pick on the "little brother" that no one really knows or the one can't really defend himself. It helps Coasts hide their own insecurities and dark secrets. Why dont they do a poll to see the worst cities for foreclosures, or the cities where people overextended themselves financially, or the rates of divorce, or how bad the schools are etc. Which cities in the US have the best private high schools? Hmmm my guess is that St. Louis would show up on that one. And more than likely rather than focus on the fact that the public schools suck in St Louis, the media would say that St. Louisans are snobs. I am ready for a Scotch and a smoke. Want you join me.

  4. As you can see my private education did nothing for my editing skills.

  5. JOTUS says:

    LMAO! Don't forget the Jesuits...they invented drinking.

  6. Terro says:

    I'm proudly from Reno, and I love my IPAs and many of the mighty microbrews' offerings. Yup, there's Catholic in my background too, and now the Traditional Anglican Communion (to which I belong) is moving toward union with the church in Rome. Obviously, God made malt for man and woman to enjoy...and intends one church communion.