I've Caved

So I'm finally caving and getting an IPhone.

When I was at CPAC I was having dinner with two women and when I pulled out my cell phone, just as my husband predicted one of them said, "This thing's a dinosaur."

I can hear my friend Susie through the computer saying, "Good grief, girl, it's about time." But I'd just like to say in my defense that, as of this point in time, I do not travel a lot. I traveled a great deal in my twenties, but that was before cell phones -- and I know more travel will be in my future, but I'm just not there yet. I don't live the modern woman's life of running here and running there. I'm largely still most of the day; that's what writers do. So an IPhone has not seemed necessary.

Ah, but on March 8th my phone contract expires and I must cave. I'll need my husband to set it up for me b/c I have no patience for technology other than the computer. But once it's done, I know I'll say, "This is great, honey! Why didn't you make me do this sooner?"

At which point he'll roll his eyes and walk away.

1 Response to “I've Caved”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now all you need is a Mac. They work better together ;)