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From "Micky," a smart guy:

I was raised in a moonbat household during the 60s, getting high with Neil Abercrombie and my parents at 16. Grew up with the typical mindset that it was all the "establishment's" fault and that the government was responsible for everything. Long story short, I drank and used hard core, shot dope for decades, abuse that would make any Hollywood depiction look like Charlie's Chocolate Factory.

I spent my whole life up until around 911 always b*tching about being a victim of something, being the typical "bleeding heart always a victim of something" liberal buying into all the "Save the earth" bullshit.

Along with age, a funny thing called maturity started creeping into my life and I started adopting more conservative approach in my life. Life started getting better, finally managed to sober up, open a business, get married to a gorgeous Hawaiian/Scottish/Portugese woman, have two great kids and own a decent piece of property in Hawaii.

After 911 pretty much all of my liberal beliefs were history and life has been so much better not running around with all that feigned but self-induced guilt and reasons/excuses to fail. I firmly believe conservatism and the individualism, self-reliant mentality that came with it saved my life.

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  1. MIchelle says:

    There's a difference between being a liberal and being a loser, Micky. Glad you finally shaped up.