Meet Jessica Valenti: Isn't She Darling?

Valenti may represent a more crass version of the kind of leftist garbage your kids get at college -- but her message is par for the course. My suggestion? Warn your kids before they head off to college so that, should they be wise enough to eschew the feminist mindset, they'll be armed with the information they need to challenge their liberal professors.

David Horowitz's Discover the Networks site has all the information you need to counteract these loons.

2 Responses to “Meet Jessica Valenti: Isn't She Darling?”:

  1. MikeM says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I am the guy (Mike) who sent you the post on J Valenti. Since you were getting acquainted with her, I thought you had to see the real side of
    J Valenti. I bet you would want your daughter to meet her one day. I would be curious to know why is there a need for girls in College to have a speaker like Jessica. What is the purpose of having someone dictate sex behavior to others.
    It is a matter of personal choice why make this a political one.
    Thank's again Suzanne for all the good work you do

  2. Thanks for the info, Mike!