Political Emancipation, by Andre Harper

This is just to call your attention to this book, which sounds fascinating. I have not read it yet; the synopsis below is taken from Amazon.com.

The purpose of Political Emancipation is for the reader to explore the perspective and experience of a black man in the United States who is proud to be black and proud to be an American.

This is the story of a patriot who will gladly defend his freedom and constitution for the rights it protects. I am not here to offer the meaning of life or provide answers to all of the problems that ail our society or the black community. Through process of elimination, I can tell you that the government is not the answer. Somewhere the answer lies in the individual and a collective desire to preserve our Republic.

Perhaps if all Americans take advantage of the freedom the constitution affords, as I did, we can recognize that despite philosophical differences, the desire to maintain our society should remain the focus. Regardless of our differing opinions on gay marriage, abortion, or taxation, if we are invaded and enslaved by a hostile enemy, I can assure you these things will not matter.

Each person must realize there is a price for freedom. Each of us must learn our history, how it operates, the rights it affords us, and that we must remain eternally diligent because there will always be those who will threaten it.

Political Emancipation is a must read for anyone who wants a glimpse into the real African-American experience through the mind of a black man who has defied liberal indoctrination and is able to articulate and masterfully expose its fallacies.

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