Suzanne Venker’s take on VAWA: That pretty much says it all!

Monday, March 1, 2010
By Abusegate Bob

Here’s possibly the best 7-sentence analysis of the Violence Against Women Act ever written, courtesy of blogger Suzanne Venker:

Under the VAWA, domestic acts don’t have to be violent to be punished under the definition of domestic violence. Name-calling, put-downs, shouting, negative looks or gestures, ignoring opinions, or constant criticizing can all be legally labeled domestic violence…

VAWA also asserts that domestic violence is a crime, yet family courts often adjudicate domestic violence as a civil, rather than a criminal, matter. This means the accused is not innocent until proven guilty but is presumed guilty. Due process rights, such as trial by jury and the right of free counsel to poor defendants, are regularly denied, and false accusations are not covered by perjury law. VAWA provides funding for legal representation for accusers but not for defendants. Evidence is irrelevant; hearsay is admissible; defendants have no right to confront their accusers; and forced confessions are a common feature.”


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