Wendy Shalit and Dr. Miriam Grossman

For those of you who have kept up with my writing this week: I wanted to alert you to two women who are, unlike Jessica Valenti, doing wonders for young women: Wendy Shalit and Dr. Miriam Grossman. (And I'm sorry for being petty, but take a look at this face and then take a look at Valenti's face below: See a difference? Conservative women are happy women.)

Wendy Shalit hit the scene at the age of 22 with her politically incorrect book, A Return to Modesty. You can imagine the kind of flack she took: a young, modern woman arguing for modesty? How retro! How weird! How backward!

Yet modesty doesn't have to mean -- indeed it doesn't mean -- being prudish. Modesty means having some class. It also means appreciating the sexual energy that arises from not baring it all so quickly. If you watch old movies you'll see what I mean; there is so much sexual energy between men and women. Rather than ripping your clothes off after you meet someone, as they do today in the movies, the men and women in these movies are modest. And it's within this modesty that true sexual experience awaits. Shocking concept, I know...
Then there's fabulous Miriam Grossman, whom I met last year at a conference. Her talk was engrossing, and her reason for speaking out resulted from first-hand experience with college women (as a former campus psychologist) who were being duped by politically correct (read: feminist) ideology.

Now these are the folks whose material you need to be reading -- if not now, then when your children are teenagers.

3 Responses to “Wendy Shalit and Dr. Miriam Grossman”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    If you really want to see J valenti at her worst,
    check out her videos on "Feminist Fuck you" on "you tube" (sorry for the inapropriate words). What you see there is a women who is full of hate and she is nasty, why is she so angry? Do women who listen to her talks, really whant to end up being so mean like her? I believe hate is an entity that grows rapidly if you see only bad things in people, it is better that you look for what is best then maybe one will not be consumed by hatred. When more women like Wendy Shalit and Dr Miriam Grossman become more popular there will not be no more use for J valenti and her type.

  2. Thanks to Anonymous -- whoever you are! I found the video and pasted above.