Leaders and Followers

Perez Hilton so much wanted to be taken seriously -- and I tried. I really did. I listened intently, reserving my judgment for the moment, as he spoke to Larry King. I even agree with him that a better answer to his question would have been, "I think it should be up to the states to decide."

But I don't know squat about the politics of beauty pageants. Are they supposed to be political -- or honest? My guess is that pageants are like anything else in this country: political. If you want to get ahead, if you want to be liked, you say what you're supposed to say. I assume Prejean knew this going in, as she says she wished she had been asked any other question but that one -- as if she knew being asked that question would cost her the crown.

Think about that. Think about all the hours of hard work and devotion that goes into a contest of that kind -- and she was willing to give it all up for character.

And for her character she will be honored. God works in mysterious ways, and right now Prejean's getting so much attention and praise that I can't remember who actually won the contest! No offense to whoever did -- I'm sure she's not happy the focus isn't on her -- but right now we have a much more pressing matter to address in this nation. Political correctness has never been so tangible, and Carrie Prejean is the example we need.

The lesson is this: There are two types of people in this world: leaders and followers. Whether or not you're in the public eye, you're either a follower or a leader. Nine out of ten times followers don't think for themselves, or they try but they're too weak to make their voices heard. Make your voice heard. If you don't agree with the leader you're following -- whoever that person is -- find other mentors with whom you can admire. If it means you have fewer friends, so what. All a person needs is a few good friends anyway.

Carrie Prejean will come out ahead on this one. Perez Hilton made sure of that when he opened his potty mouth and called her a "dumb bitch."

I tried to take his comments seriously. I really did. Then he lost me.

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