Julie & Julia -- A Review

You simply must, must, must, must, must go see Julie & Julia. I cannot remember the last time I thoroughly enjoyed a movie like I enjoyed this one. I didn't even care about the ticket price this time. ($8.50 for a MATINEE)

I should add that I had zero expectations going in -- so now that I've told you how great it is, you may not have the same reaction. Also, it spoke to me on a personal level (with respect to blogging and the writing/publishing world) -- which it may not in your case. All that aside, I cannot imagine anyone not loving this movie. There is nothing not to love.

It tells Julia Child's personal story -- of which I knew nothing -- alongside this Julie Powell, whose claim to fame is cooking and blogging her way through Julia Child's most famous cookbook. It vascillates back and forth b/w the 1960s -- Julia Child's heyday -- and present day Queens, NY, where Julie Powell lives.

Anyway -- go, go, go. I don't know how to make it more clear.


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