Understanding Obama

Below is an interesting observation from a reader re my recent post about Obama's narcissism:

Most narcissists have a traumatic childhood. Obama was abandoned by his mother at 10 and sent to live in Hawaii with is grandparents.I have lived in Hawaii for 5 years and have found this to be a very racist state, the locals do not like "haoles" or in other words white people. They are also prejudiced against black Americans.Folks who have lived here for a long time say the rascism here is not as bad as it "used to be".So Obama grew up as a product of a white mother and a black father in Hawaii. I am sure this was very traumatic and set the groundwork for his hatred of whites.Hold on America because when a narcissist is opposed, they will lash out.

Now I realize I don't know this person, but I do know something about narcissists; and this reader is right. It's a hard pill to swallow that we may have a President whose character and make-up not like most people's, but we need to be open to the fact that this may be what we're dealing with. Everything about him points to this possibility.

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