The Problem with Health Care

Generally speaking, I live by the rule that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Obama is attractive, articulate, well-spoken -- and black. This is a potent combination for America in the 21st century. The only thing missing from the package is a worldview that's in step with the American people. If Obama had that, he would no doubt go down as the greatest president who ever lived. Amazing.

Unfortunately for him, this will not happen -- as Obama does not have an accurate understanding of human nature and what the role of government should be. Moreover, he does not have his pulse on what Americans really want. Health care is a perfect example.

The proposal for universal health care is not all that different from the idea of universal child care, which is next on Obama's list. But he will run into the same problem with this issue: The majority of Americans do not believe the government is responsible for taking care of their children. According to a lengthy report from the most reputable polling organization in America, Public Agenda, 60% of parents of children 5 and under believe parents, not the government, are responsible for their children's care -- and a whopping 72% believe they are responsible for the costs incurred. Even a majority of low-income parents believe bearing such costs is "their responsibility and not society's"! With these kinds of numbers, Obama will find himself hitting his head against a brick hall (at which point he'll try to find a way to blame Bush).

It's no different with health care. Obama just doesn't appreciate the fact that most Americans do not agree with paying into a system that will launch us into a bureaucratic nightmare. He seems to be under the impression he's smarter (there's that narcissism again) than most Americans because he's going to great lengths to convince Americans that his plan is somehow superior.

It's highly unfortunate. The presidents who do well are those who fully understand the American people -- and bring forth policies that speak to their concerns. This president is failing left and right (no pun intended) in this regard.

I almost feel sorry for him.

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