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Interestingly enough, I've been in DC this weekend during this historical move toward government-run health care. The light has been on at the top of the Capitol, which indicates Congress is in session.

We're staying right around the corner and were in the Capitol half the day yesterday -- or, I should say, in the visitors' center below. The Capitol is like a city of its own: It has its own restaurants, barber shop, dry cleaning, and whatever else the rest of us might leave our homes for. Politicians essentially live there -- minus the sleeping part, I guess. What a life. Can't imagine.

So I've been watching FOX more this weekend than I usually do at home, and I wanted to add something to my earlier post. I think most people think only about Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the evening lineup when they consider FOX. FOX news programs are different. As my earlier post indicates, there are Democrats on board at FOX.

More importantly, however, is who the network has on its programming. People like Karl Rove -- who Americans need to hear from, whether they like him or not -- are on FOX. When was the last time you saw Karl Rove on ABC, NBC, or CBS?

Indeed, the issue is not whether or not broadcasters are conservative, it's what kind of programming a network offers that matters. And on the front, FOX clearly stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

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