Why People Watch FOX

Read HERE and note the following comments from Democrats Bob Beckel and Liz Chadderdon:

“You know how I know nobody watches CNBC?” said Chadderdon. “I compared the pope to my 11th-grade algebra teacher, and nobody sent me a letter.”

“I talk to more persuadable voters in a month than anybody on MSNBC and CNN talks to in a year.” (Beckel)

The reason these Democrats are open to working at FOX is because they find open-minded, non-ideological Americans there. The idea that FOX is a "conservative" station is fair game in that there are some openly conservative hosts who do commentary. But not everyone who watches FOX is conservative.

The terms liberal and conservative have become so skewed at this point that they're almost meaningless. If you're a reasonable person who's not driven to insult and not defensive, you will most likely watch FOX. Whether or not the broadcasters themselves are conservative isn't nearly as relevant as the quality of the news.

Americans can get information they would otherwise not get on other stations; that is why FOX is so successful. People crave truth. Whether the person providing the information is personally biased doesn't really matter. Americans overlook this part and are just grateful to know about the story.

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