Haiti earthquake: Miracle boy plucked from rubble of his house two days after disaster

By David Williams

Amid the horror and devastation in Haiti, there were stories too of hope and joy as the prayers of those hunting for their missing loved ones were answered.

For two days Daphnee Plaisin and her husband Reginald Claude had searched with their bare hands among the twisted rubble of their collapsed home for their two-year-old son Redjeson. They could hear his increasingly weak cries but were unable to move the giant concrete and metal sheets that consumed him somewhere below.

Redjeson Hausteen

Miracle: Redjeson Hausteen dust-covered face breaks into a smile when he catches sight of his mother as he is carried from his destroyed home

Redjeson Hausteen Claude
Redjeson Hausteen

Survivor: Despite being buried in the ground for nearly three days, the little boy looked remarkably unharmed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Suzanne for bringing us this nice story
    I hope that many families will survive this terrible tragedy.