Website Comments

So how many of you read the comments people make on news sites (or blogs, for that matter)? I read them on occasion. I try to stop after about 10 or 15 minutes b/c you could literally read for days if you don't stop yourself. Some of the big-name folks on the bigger sites can drum up several thousand comments per article.

I enjoy reading the angry ones b/c it's so entertaining to watch people get so riled up. It's unbelievable how nasty people can get, but then it shows the amount of angst people harbor. The Internet has certainly provided these folks a private outlet to vent.

I encourage people to comment on my blog whether they agree with me or not, and I can think of only a handful who, when they do disagree, do so respectfully. The rest just hurl insults to get the anger off their chest.

As a blogger, one thing I decided I'd do is respond once to anyone who takes issue with my posts. Usually, they make another comment afterward in an attempt to get the last word -- and I let them have it. I have to, or it would go back and forth forever and who has time for that? On Opposing Views people do that all day long. It's mind boggling.

So for those of you who read my blog and would like to tell me how wrong I am about whatever I happened to blog about, keep in mind that I'll respond once - but not again.

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