Starting this week I'll be writing for NewsReal. Whew! Hope I can keep this up... I'm very excited to be part of Front Page Magazine, however. It's run by David Horowitz, whom I admire very much. My first article is Tim Tebow the Abuser and His Poor, Defenseless Mom‎.

Horowitz actually started out with my former publisher some years back; that's where I first heard his name. His book titles are very provocative --such as Hating Whitey -- which makes them all the more fascinating. You can find Horowitz on FOX News every now and then. Last night he was on Glenn Beck, for instance.

At any rate, check it out: NewsReal or FrontPage (in the right column and at the bottom of the page). You can access my articles from either location. For Newsreal, you may have scroll down a fair bit.

3 Responses to “NewsReal”:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article. I've met Pam and Bob Tebow when they came to my church back in August. It takes a tough woman emotionally and spiritually, like Pam, to choose what her own conscience and faith tell her when choosing life. I think the commercial was done very tastefully and was trying to convey that she IS one tough lady!

  2. Anonymous says:

    David Horowitz is one of my favorite authors. HIs autobiography is the best auto ever written. No matter what side of the political ideology you're on, you will like it.
    Can't believe SLU rejected him as a speaker, but allowed a Hamas speaker. Years ago, I saw him speak at UMSL. Great guy all around.