Suzanne and Sugar

So I'm trying to consume less sugar. I can hear my friends laughing now, as they know this house is basically a glorified bakery. I always have sweets in the house.

I eat really well -- we don't keep soda, chips, fast food, ice cream, or anything like that around for the most part -- and I cook healthy meals every night. But I do like my sweets. Candy, mainly -- but I'll take cookies, brownies, and cake, too. I recently looked up the amount of sugar per day I should be consuming, and it's around 40 grams. So I've been reading the labels on candy bars and looking up the amount of grams of sugar in a piece of cake, etc. and it's rather shocking.

For instance, did you know that a small box of Junior Mints has 42 grams of sugar? Holy crap. That's my allotted amount for the day. So instead I bought a Kit Kat, which has 22 grams of sugar for the 4 wafers and only ate two.

This is going to be really hard.

1 Response to “Suzanne and Sugar”:

  1. JOTUS says:

    One word Suzanne: splenda. :)