Too Priceless Not to Post

This is from Right Pundits. The second one I added b/c I love that this man put me in the same category as Rush/Palin/Beck. That's not likely to happen again soon.


May I say that you are full of crap. There is a good reason that “liberals” dominate the entertainment, education, publication, and television industries.

Rethuglicans prize profit above humanity everyone knows that and you can’t deny it. Who will stand up for the everyman, you? Hardly. The elite abuse, manipulate, and lie to get their agenda’s (more profit) realized. Suzanne, you and others like you perpetuate the rise of the elite. You are a dupe unless you are very wealthy, then you are a player. You don’t mind if millions go hungry or are unemployed because in your demented mind these unfortunates deserve their place in life because they are “sinners”. You look down upon these people because you think you are better because you are better off (wealthy).

Wealthy, influential liberals close the gap between the haves and have nots. They help the poor and uneducated by supporting government and charitable organizations that put the everyman in front of short term profits. Liberals from all corners of our society help make this country a better place.

Your jingoistic dogma and warped world view are the problem, and the only solutions you offer is to let the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. Have you purchased your ticket to Mars yet? Better get in line because change is coming.

And later, this:


If the MSM would follow suit, FOX wouldn’t smoke them in the ratings. Consider that little truth, mizdaice.

Rubberneckers need a good wreck like Rush/Beck/Palin/Venker don't they :) to take their minds off the loaded gun under the seat and the 27 assualt rifles at home.

Complain all you want, but the facts are facts. Your media puppets will say anything to advance the progressive agenda of the biggest America-hating president in history next to FDR.

Rethuglicans are the masters of duplicity: they taught it to Satan.

You hate FDR too? Your great-great-granddaddy too? How unfortunate that you are a social outcast. Why am I not surprised?

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